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I was out on galston west bay , from 10:00 am till 4 pm today.
At the boat launch , water temp was 40.6 degrees when I left.
From north deer island to alligator point near chocolate bay, it was the same and all over the south shoreline untill afternoon.
When I was headed in for the day, the water temp was up to 43 dgrees.
I traveled from almost one end of the bay to the other and saw no fish floating or dead.
I ran into a guy in a scooter boat in the ICW and he said ,in the diversionary canal there were hundreds of dead mullet.
Later that day I ran into him again and he turned me on to some redfish...
Thanks who ever you were......I got 2 nice ones on that curly tail you gave me.
Any way, I charted lots of fish in the ICW and other deep spots in west bay but hardly anything was biting untill this afternoon when I got the reds.
Maybe it wont be as bad as we thought.........
I hope not...

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Thanks for the report. Looks like POC area had the worst kill.
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