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With all of the V-twin metric crusiers I see around and guys trying to look like bikers, I don't see anything wrong with Harley owners trying to look like they are yuppies.

When I bought my FXR, the guy I bought it from gave me a baseball bat. I asked why and he said: "To beat the chicks off." It seems to work.

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I have to say I am glad that todays crowd seems more husband wife oriented. I wont mention any reference to the Hog riders<cough>

Butt I remember <hitchin up jeans takes a swig of Schiltz malt> back when you were more prone to see a Continental stewardess packing on a p pad of a rigid frame with some guy looked like Viet Nam tunnel rat (prolly was) .
No offense to anybodies whyfe or rolex harley riders.
Or even vamax whatever.

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Syncerus said:
Can you say "jumped the shark?"

Not even close the shark is not even in the same waters...
HD woke up and figured out who has the largest percentage of disspoable (sp) income!!!

Baby Boomers!!!!! and Yuppies ...

Other wise explane the 35K cost of a HOG !!!!!!


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What's next? Gucci, Versace or Vitton saddle bags?
fridayfisher said:
I guess the status symbol you where on your wrist when you drive your status symbol.
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