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Well it is mine all mine!!!( NON FISHING)

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This is a happy day I just payed off the JOKERSWILD !!! SHE IS ALL MINE ...what can I spend that note money on...mo tackle mo trips mo fish.
Just wish the weather was nice to go fishing in MY boat.
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Congrats.....................Sounds like it is time to look into getting a bigger boat.
Congradulations. Nothing like ending the note payments.

Knock 'em dead this weekend.
Hey Jokers, how did ya'll end up doing the other day with the croakers? We didn't have much luck but ended up with a nice 24" flounder. Was wondering how you and the kids faired?

Nice meeting you by the way.

aww the boys ended up playing with them after we went to deep reefs and soaked them for awhile
Congrat's! There is not a more beautiful boat...than one that is paid for :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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