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Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the beach with a friend and all of a sudden a rather large "flying object" passed over us coming from the north east and moving to the south west. We watched it splash hard into the Gulf. The best description I could give is that it looked like a smaller yellow parachute with a person on the bottom. After it hit the water, we could see more splashing. It was about a mile out, so I could not positively identify that it was a person. Thinking that it could "maybe" be a person, I called 911. Within about ten minutes a first responder fire truck came, followed by four or five ambulances and various police cars. I got a call back on my cell phone from a female who asked for exact location. I could hear sirens and asked if she was on the way with a jet ski. She said yes. She did not arrive for at least twenty minutes. Meanwhile, firemen were on top of the fire truck with binoculars and said they spotted something yellow out there. The wind and currents were moving it out pretty far.

It took another fifteen minutes for the girls with the jet ski to get it in the water. They did not go in the vicinity that I thought the "object" would be by then and shortly they came back with a bunch of balloons which had only "one" yellow balloon. My friend and I said immediately that it was NOT what we saw, but they seemed to think it was and all left. I don't think balloons make a big splash when they hit the water and I also don't think that balloons continue to make a splash after they hit the water.

There was also a small plane that flew over us almost immediately after the object passed us. We don't know what it was and we don't know if there was a person, but I do feel comfortable making the call "just in case". What would you have done?


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