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Weekend Homes

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Those of you with weekend homes on the coast that stay vacant for a week or two between uses. Do you leave your AC running, use some type of dehumidifier, or do nothing but close it up when you leave. I have a place in POC and have been having severe allergies when I am there on the weekends. By Sunday morning I am clawing my eyes out, stopped up, and sneezing like crazy. It seems to affect me more at night while in bed. I have metal building finshed on the in side with sheet rock walls with central air.


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I bet you have mold in the AC Duct Work. Using a Good high quality anti allergen filter element will help. So will cleaning the duct work. I think after you leave, the humid air condenses inside the cool ductwork leaving moisture which facilitates the mold. If there was a way to keep the blower running once the AC was turned off and until the duct work reached ambient temps, I bet that would help a lot.

Also, what kind of insulation or barrier did you use between the sheetrock and outside metal walls of the building?
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