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Weekend Homes

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Those of you with weekend homes on the coast that stay vacant for a week or two between uses. Do you leave your AC running, use some type of dehumidifier, or do nothing but close it up when you leave. I have a place in POC and have been having severe allergies when I am there on the weekends. By Sunday morning I am clawing my eyes out, stopped up, and sneezing like crazy. It seems to affect me more at night while in bed. I have metal building finshed on the in side with sheet rock walls with central air.


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do what mont said above because it definately sounds like you are having a proliferation of mold and mold spores due to the moisture in your place while you're away.

it's impossible to completely eliminate the mold and their spores, but you can keep them to a minimum by keeping your place as dry as possible.

most molds are harmless other than wreaking havoc on your allergies, but some molds produce mycotoxins that can damage your lungs.
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