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I know I have an axe to grind here but like Gundoctor says I wouldn't risk it. 100 metres (108 yards) of high quality 400 # mono costs $10.99. You should be able to make 40 - 45 rubbing lengths out of that which is less than 27 Cents each for the mono. When you consider how much money in gas, food, bait, ice etc it costs to get away for a weekend fishing it doesn't make much sense to me to lose a good fish by trying to save a few Cents.


Mr. Champ said:
I got 100yds. of 400# mono on Ebay for $12, and 100yds. of 650# mono at Roys for $35. That stuff works good and has not proved to be any problem unless the toothy critter gets a bite on it, which in that case no mono would work.
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