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Mullethead and I made a quick trip this past weekend because the weatherman said saturday was going to be sunny and in the 70's. After the downpour on Friday we thought fish will be hungry lets hit it while the weather is nice.
supposed to be clear by 0900...


cold, gray skies, drizzle.

started clearing up at 1700 ish.

did the 7 minute boat ride to little cut(Traylor Island). didnt see bait out front but plenty jumping on the inside flats (Estes).

we did catch our limits..even with the influx of fresh water, high tide, strong water movenements and a NW wind. we did work for it though.
all on cut mullet.

pics of mullethead says it all.....lotsa fun out there.

why is it i have good pics of buddies. none have any good ones of me???


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