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Weather for 6/25-6/27?

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How's the weather looking for this weekend? I've got a charter lined up out of Freeport, just wanting to see if we're gonna get rained out. Thanks!

Go Canes!!!
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Port A looks cruddie. Mansfield looks OK, I think I am going to go down there this weekend.
This is an ok site to look up weather but only rely on about 2 day advance.

I would have to bank on working around the house if I was you doesn't look promising. Who did you book with out of Freeport?
4-6 footers not my type of weather
Weather update

Today the forcast for Sunday calls for wind at 5-10, seas 3-4 with rain likely. What do you think, worth the drive from Dallas?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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