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We toured the Stonewall Jackson House

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We toured the Stonewall Jackson House
AJ I have 2 tickets to the house tour for you. Even though you will never use them I am sending them with the books I told you about and so post cards also.

The Big Bambu
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WOW! I can't wait Uncle Bubba!

"Stonewall" Jackson, how cool!

and isn't it something how he kept correcting people saying the name "Stonewall" belonged to his Brigade for the way they pushed forward and the Union Army couldn't push them back? They were a stonewall against the enemy.

I really believe, to get a better insight into the Civil War, people rent, buy or trade for the 2 DVDs "Gods and Generals" (with Stephen Lang as General Jackson, shown below) and "Gettysburg".

I sure will be watching for the mailman Bubba!
Lexington Va. where he is laid to rest, as is RE Lee in the chaple at Washington & Lee Collage.

It is also the home of VMI
Something I should have noticed before!

In the larger photo of General Stonewall Jackson, which is actually Stephen Lang from "Gods and Generals", you'll notice a faint streak in the photo right in front of him. After seeing the movie again, I realized that streak is the ball, or bullet, whatever that flashes through the film just as he was hit in the arm.

The said part is that wound, which eventually killed him, came from his own troops. So, today I imagine that would be called "friendly fire"
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