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...but not too far because it's the big winter swells that boil up the bait that have our local calico bass on the chew right now.

The best place to be is so that you can cast into where the surfer on the far right of the picture is waiting to catch a big rolling wave but not in so shallow of water as that you end up riding one in like the fellow in the middle of the picture.

We used to do it by constantly watching over our shoulder for those big sets as they appear on the horizon but now we've learned an easier way. If your boat's in the foam you are in the zone but to keep it from turning into the danger zone you have to keep one eye on your depth. If you look closely at the Lowrance at the bottom of the picture above you'll see the water is 14 feet and we are close enough to present lures into the backs of the breaking waves but if we let ourselves drift into single digit waters we would be up on the rocks in no time.

Not many here on the west coast have the stomach to swim out past the winter breakers but for those of us who specialize in it we are almost always rewarded with limits of check boards.


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