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The submersible pump is out and I need to know where to start.

I'm getting the power turned on and want to water the grass on a vacant lot on the coast near Ingleside.

All I know is the pump is out. Where do I start ?

Thanks in advance.


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I think you will need to call a well drilling co to pull the pump up. If its like mine the pump is about 400 ft. down. I think you need a derrick truck. Not sure though.

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What horsepower is it? Is there an above-ground control box? I would first find out what kind of pump/motor it is, and also find out the horsepower. If it has an above ground control box the HP should be on the box. Franklin control boxes simply "plug in" to the terminals and you can easily change them (1hp or below). For the larger HP (1.5 and up) there should be two red buttons on the front underside of the box that are resets. Try pushing these in and re-starting the pump. If you have a voltmeter you should check to see if you're getting 230v to the box from the pressure switch.

Be careful when doing all this and make sure the breaker is off when changing out control boxes etc. 230VAC can easily kill a person. If the pump is truly out you should call a water well company to come pull it, it is definitely not a do-it-yourself job, unless you want them to come fish out your pump and the fingers you lost when you dropped it.

Good luck.
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