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I have a Seaswirl Striper 2120 with no modifications. The washdown pump quit running. I check the leads and no electricity is comming to the switch. The boat has a fuse panel in the console. I checked all the fuses and they all seem to be ok.
Anyone knows how the system is wired?
I contacted the seaswirl but I have not received a response.
I assume that all pumps need to be wired through the fuse panel. Is that assumption incorrect.
I am considering adding a cable directly to the power source in the battery compartment and adding an inline fuse.
Any ideas?

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Connect a couple of wires from your battery directly to the pump and see if it will work. If not, you have a bad motor and need to replace it. If it does work then you need to check the entire wiring to the dash from battery. Those pumps really do not last very long so it is likely that it is burned out. Most usual cause is (surprise, surprise) saltwater. Inline fuses are okay but be sure to label the wires and get rid of the old ones.

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you prob have a main "hot" that goes to a high amp breaker type fuse then comes out of that and jumpers across all of the switches, ,the outbound hot side of the switch runs thru a fuse, then to the pump.

and a common ground that powers the neg side of the switch lights

if they are the push button reset type fuses, that can be the culprit

ck the connections there as well, you should be able to meter for power

so, if you meter hot on the outbound side of the fuse with the switch on
it is one of a few things

bad pump
bad wire either pos or neg
bad ground connection
bad splice
or a combination

if you replace wire , buy the marine tinned
use dielect grease in the splice and seal connections with liquid elect tape
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