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walk-in flyfishing

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Going on a quick trip to rockport/aransas pass area on sat.not taking boat.I would like to wade in for some flyfishing early.I need some ideas where to go?
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I have a book that I got from FTU... Wade and Kayak Fishing on Galvestons Bays and surrounding areas....has pics of areas suggested and also list bait camps..not sure if there is one for Rockport...might check a tackle shop when you get into town
Brown and Root Flats on West side of the ferry landing should be on your itenerary. I think there is a wade fishing site on the internet that describes exactly how to drive to the flats. 'Course you can do the Aransas Pass jetties, preferably the North jetty and the newly opened Packery Channel jetties further South on the island road toward CC. Tight lines....l
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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