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Wahoo x 11 Port A

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Headed out on Saturday morning from Port A. Lines in the water around 9:15 40+ miles out within 3 minutes we were hooked up with a wahoo that later weighed in at 31 pounds. Action then was slow for the next 2 hours so we tried dropping on some rocks and rigs. The bottom bite continued to be difficult with little action more than 1 big eye snapper and 1 keeper red.

We began trolling again and happened upon the pallet of glory. On the first pass we had hoos jumping all over our baits wound up putting a double in the boat. 9 hoos later off the pallet we stopped and picked up the triple tail hanging on it for good measure.

We began trolling towards home and got 1 more hoo and managed to bounce a nice bf tuna off the back of the boat(all caught on video) before i hooked up to a large hoo that I battled on a Tiagra 30 for 12 minutes before he pulled the hook. I could not do anything with the fish on the 30 lb line.

Needless to say it was an incredible day. Totals were 11 wahoo, 1 red snapper, 1 big eye snapper, and the token triple tail taken 48 miles offshore

Pictures to follow

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Where were ya?

Buda Bluewater Boy was out ar S Baker and they couldn't buy a bite all day!!!
Congrats on the hoos... How big were they?
What were y'all trolling and how fast?
Sounds like one heck of a trip Ag. The wahoo have been scarce for me this year. We were a little further out at 80 miles. Boxed a 4 man of 12+ snapper, a 40lb warsaw, several Amberjack, a 20lb king. Ran across several ling with lock jaw and had a 35lb dolphin remove a hook from his mouth ten feet from the boat. By the way what class?
eljefe, where are you out of? those 80 mile fish should be easily caught within 40.....
Great trip and congrats on the wahoo. Its always good to hear some wahoo are around. I ran into a similar situation a few summers ago when I found a floating tree that was 90% subermeged. First pass by and all 5 rods were hooked up. Thanks for the report.
How Big

The largest hoo was 31 lbs, the rest were carbon copies of each other around 15 lbs. They were the smallest hoos I have seen. The fish I lost late in the afternoon was most likely a monster bassed on the inability to do anything with it, but I guess that's how the big ones get bigger. It was kind of funny because at the docks severeal people were admiring the "kings", needless to say if I had walked up I would have thought the same at first.

It did not seem to matter what we had in the water and we varied the speed from 5 knots to as much as 11 knots. I bet the fish tore up at least 10 baits beyond repair in a variety of colors. The first few fish came on baits trolled with meat, around the pallet I think we could have gotten bit on a piece of string with a hook.

It was a crazy day when we could not buy a bottom bite yet the wahoo bite was out of control. Between my friendds and myself wee went offshore 3 days last week and all of us had a miserable time getting a bottom bite.

Aggie '96
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argo, the area is much more accessible out of poc or matagorda with the weather doing what it was i didnt mind the boat ride, 2.5hrs at 45mph.

el jefe

Great work on the Wahoos! They have been tough to come by for us this season. I fish with El Jefe and we have been hell on the Snapper and other boys on the bottom. I guess we need to spend some more time dragging baits! It sounds like the magic is found on floating around pallets. Argo, here is a picture from this weekend. To me the extra miles are well worth the end results. Pray for no wind!


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