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My dad and I went to the Pocket Sunday. Figured we'd both do something we enjoyed. Little bit of a light show in the morning provided cloud cover early. Wind was NW @ 7 and the water was in great shape with nearly 3' of visibility. In the water before first light we each managed to backlash our reels, but worked it out (which is not a lot of fun in the dark).

Got my first hit around 6:00 and we had pretty steady action until 6:30 or so. Boxed six trout 16-22" on soft plastics. My dad is 70 this year and we waded and plugged our way along for the next three hours hitless. I was amazed at his patience and persistance. He doesn't fish saltwater very often. He is a freshwater fly fisherman who learned from his father, who learned from his. Four years ago I was fortunate enough to have him teach me.

We shared lunch later that afternoon and he asked me what I though of my fishing skills. I told him I usually do as good as most and sometimes better, but with me it's not about the size or the quantity as much as it is the experience of just getting out there. A big smile came across his face. You see he had just returned from Maine visiting my terminally ill grandmother. My uncles are well-know guides there. When he posed the same question to them they had the same answer even though I haven't seen them for nearly 30 years. He said it was my love of the sport - not the catch that made me good at what I do.

I don't remember the last time I had an honest compliment that humbled me. That's the thing about fathers I guess - here I was thinking I was doing something nice for him and returned it tenfold.

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