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Boat Ramp

My wife isn't afraid of the Gulf of Mexico...she's not concerned about being out of sight of land...huge seas at the jetties don't really concern her. But the boat ramp TERRIFIES her! If she has to back the boat down the ramp or pull it out, she's a basket case before and after, just because of some of the scenes she's witnessed at the ramp. She thinks that someone's going to yell at her or make fun of her like she's seen happen to others.

Deep down she (and I, because it concerns me, too) knows that 99 out of a hundred people at the ramp would gladly help out. Heck, 90 out of a hundred would get in the truck with her and leave me at the ramp!

Impatience, inconsideration and alcohol are a bad combination. Thanks for all the patient, considerate, sober folks out there.

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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