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Boat ramps has always made me a nervous wreck!!!

I can back anything, anywhere, anytime....but the nerves get going because of the others that can't back a trailer and panic or get pi55ed.

Had 1 altercation when my wife and I had just started dating when there were 2 different groups of people putting their boats in the water, and both were taking up 4 spots. I whipped in and strategically placed my trailer between them. When 1 of the groups finished and pulled out another group started backing in and proceeded to get as close to my truck as possible, because he ASSumed I was the one holding everyone up. I had to sit and wait for him to put his boat in and get everyone and everything in his boat and mouth off at me for about 10 minutes because he thought he was a better person and could talk tough around a young couple and be cool around his friends. He finally moved and parked his trailer and walked by me mouthing again as I tied down my boat, all the time I never said a word, because I tend to be pretty vengeful and knew he would be driving off in his boat pretty soon, and he did.

I've changed my ways since then, BUT it sure felt good when I walked around his truck and kicked every valve stem off of it and the trailer!

Now I was never one to shy away from a good fight, but please be careful out there, because so many people out there carry guns and will shoot nowadays!
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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