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Overnighter Friday/Sat on the esCape with Brazos and David out of Venice South Pass to Floater Amirante.

When called from Dallas late Wednesday nite Captn Eddie was nice enough to share that the rip was within 10 miles of SW Pass. Who do we run into coming in from a Swordfish trip out of SW Pass on Friday - Captn Eddie. And then again the next day 50 miles out at the GSF Explorer hooked up on Tuna - Captn Eddie again. When does that working man sleep? Thanks for rip info....

Rip was well formed and loaded with dolphin and bait. Cool water spouts while we trolled the rip. Bounced around a couple of the rigs on the shelf and hooked up on a couple of AJs with all the live bait easily gathered from the rip, but failed to get any in the boat. Headed on out to Amirante for a beautiful evening trolling for Marlin around the floater with no real action. Overnight tuna action did not happen for us either. A little topwater action, mainly on east and south sides, but we had no hookups. Jigged for BFT with glow curly tails. Maybe the night was too calm, no current. Brazos had a barracuda hit a floating shark rig. A couple of big thunderstorms for a couple of hours during the night kept things exciting, with a cold wind from the SOUTH and calm sea building to some good 3-4 footers for an hour or so.

After drifting and chunking around Amirante for the morning decided to stretch and head to GSF Explorer 15 miles further out. After we got there the wind turned from the north for the rest of the day. While nothing hit the chunks in the drift line at Amirante, GSF Explorer was non-stop action in the chum line. Many big dolphin kept raiding the chum from sinking but could not get to hit lures. Decided to try and troll them up. First pass around the ship and the reels were screaming. One had a jumping 5ft bull dolphin, the other kept screeming. David lost the dolphin on the next jump, but Brazos managed to pull the YFT in on some light 20 lb dolphin tackle.

The crew boats at GSF Explorer wanted us to give them 1/4 - 1/2 mile clearance, so we went back to Marlin trolling back to Amirante. Somebody back at GSF called in a Marlin sighting within 10 minutes of us leaving, so we were high with anticipation, but eventually ran out of time and gas before any action.

For those texans headed over, nothing really left from port sulfur south. Capt Larry's south of Belle Chase was open for pogies, but Gunthers was still rubble. Another seafood place south of Gunthers looks to be opening soon but not yet. No gas or ice seen south of the road block north of port sulphur. Stumpfs was gone with everything else in Venice, but the marine service store next to it looked open.

Brazos YFT
On rip, 1 of 2 waterspouts going on same time
Wayne at GSF Explorer
Brazos Barracuda


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