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Fishing out of Venice, La. this time of year has many rewards. The fishery is definitely the best in the country as far as variety, size, and quantity goes. The past four days have been about as good as it gets. The tuna fishing right now is very good. There has been plenty of action and they haven't been as finicky as usual, which means, no waiting around for them to bite. The mahi-mahi are showing up again in big numbers, it has just been an incredible season for them. The snapper fishing is just as good. Although the limit on snapper is only two, being able to limit out quickly and move onto other species definitely adds variety to your day. The cobia are showing up more and more everyday. We're catching them along with the snapper, so it is a nice treat to hook into one of these without knowing. We may have set the record for us on limiting on A.J.'s yesterday. It took no time at all, I think 10 minutes for four people. My amberjack rig consists of a 50 TLD, spooled with 200lb. Momoi, and a 400lb. leader. 32 ounces of weight to get the larger than usual live baits down. A penn mariner, these rods are strong people. I did modify it for a bent butt, by cutting the plastic butt off and putting on aluminum. No Drag at all, so when you hook into one, it is hard to hold on sometimes. I know you say where is the fun in that, but when you have to pull them out of structure, you will soon realize this is the only way. Plus, they were only about 50ft. down instead of the usual 150-200ft. so that made it just that much easier. It isn't like this all the time, but it is sure nice when it is. The weather has been stable with a few storms here and there, typical summertime patter. Calm seas and good fishing has been the norm. lately. This week is the Faux Pas rodeo, we will be fishing it so I should have some great reports coming up. If you are looking to get in on some great offshore fishing Venice is the place. Check out our website at www.superstrikecharters.com We'll be glad to get you out fishing.

Capt. Damon McKnight/Super Strike Charters/1.800.318.1720


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