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We had a customer meeting at the newly remodeled Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras, LA this week. Man is it depressing since Katrina!!!!! Plaquamine Parish looks like a war zone. Virtually every structure south of Bell Chase all the way to Venice was torn apart or leveled. FEMA trailers are everywhere and almost no place to buy gas or groceries.

The good news is the fishing is better than ever. Our good friend Ryan Lambert just reopened his lodge after getting 30' of water during the storm. We fished Monday & Tuesday with Capt. Patrick Dickinson who owns Dixie Riverside Charters. He warned us that Monday was going to be very slow because of the 30 knot wind and super high tide from tropical storm Alberto. He suggested we drive down to Venice and fish for redfish. We got a late start because I had a 7:00 conference call so we launched the boat about 9:00, ran 30 minutes to the spot and caught 23 redfish and 2 sheephead in about 2.5 hours. We ended up catching more fish than anybody in Buras that day. Nice work Patrick!

Day 2 the wind died down so we fished river near Buras. Started oiff on the birds and managed 10-15 trout plus a bunch of throwbacks. Moved over to the marsh and cusght 15 reds. Another good day! Patrick is a rare guide who is more interested in you catching fish than him. Once he locates them, he runs the trolling motor and takes care of business instead of trying to fish the icechest. I like that.

If you want to go fishing in LA, the fish are really biting. I highly reccomend Patrick Dickinson or Ryan Lambert.


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