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We had a day!
Got out and made bait!
Next up, bluewater! We went out south and the water was not pretty.
Starting heading west and found some semi-blue water along a ripline and pulled a cow and bull into the boat.
The bull was landed by Mason(son of Buda Blue Water Boy!), beautiful fish!
Had a wahoo destroy a skirt on a trolling rig.
Left and headed west to a rig, water was ugly, but we slow trolled some live and one of the rigs goes off! Fish on!
The fight went on for about thirty minutes and we saw the tuna twice. It was atleast 130 and maybe 150(going from Big E experience on weights and size).
Anyway, the hook straightens right at the boat. The fish won!
On the way in we stopped and boxed some limits of snapper!

Will post pictures later this week along with more reports!

We learned a bunch, and will get after it again, manana!

I am learning a ton from Larry, Alfonso, Stan, Mason, and Dickey!
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