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Awoke at 4:30 and checked the weather, saw one storm offshore of freeport, but clear behind it. Decided to roll the dice and loaded up the fiance and headed to surfside after reading all the reports. I was there sunday so I knew the area was holding trout. Watched it lightening all the way down while silently singing the children song 'rain rain go away, come agin another day', didn't work. Hit the surf at 6:15 trowing topwater and Sarah was throwing shrimp with a cork just after the first storm passed. I quickly had 3 blowups and 1 14 trout. Within 20 min we were running to the truck cause here came another one. Watched it rain for about 45 min and then headed back out. I Couldnt get a bite on top, Sarah caught her first flounder with shrimp a nice 18 1/2 in. I freelined shrimp then switched to artificial, when the shrimp began dieing, and ended up keeping three nice trout. Caught alot of fish including 2 18 in reds, tons of whiting, few dink trout, sheepshead, laddyfish, a blue runner, and a pompano. Fished till 12 and left them biting, though it had slowed. Had a fun day and some good eaten.


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