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First day fished Dorothea a 77ft. Hatteras

We started at El Banco got there made skipjack right away we set the spread and no longer than 30 sec. when the dolphin came in and clean us out they took evry bait we had out, we made more bait and they don't let us fish at all.
We decide to put in the lures and go trolling we headed West for 10 miles and we had 2 knock down but did not stick came back to El Banco and the same thing happening bait everywere and tunas but the dolphin don't let you fish.
We decide to fish Corbetena we start trolling and 2 miles and we get a sailfish on the spread we baited a mackarel and fish on a nice 80lbs. sailfish released, we get to Corbetena were there was lots,lots of bait but did ot get any big fish around 6p.m decided to go back.

Second Day time to fish Top Gun 33' Bertram

We make the run over to Corbetena get there made bait right away set the spread worked the area for about 2 hrs. for nada, only Dorothea released a 500lbs. Blue Marlin. I recieved a call from El Banco that is Tuna action so we decided to pick up and start running we get there make bait and no more than 10 min. double knock down i missed one (Farmer):headknock :headknock :headknock and Zanate hooked up the other one we clear the deck and fight is on after a 1hr. fight the fish is getting close to the boat the hooks pulls yeah we all know how that feels....
we keep trolling for 3hrs. and no more luck on Big Tunas we ended up the day with 5 yellowfins 30 to 40 lbs.

Third Day fish on Top Gun.

We make the run out to El Banco bait all over the place and also dolphin but this time they were not interested in our baits. We satrt working the area after about 1hr. one boat hooks up on a large tuna they fight the fish 40 min. and they put in in the boat a nice 180lbs. fish.
We are working the same area and we get a knock down we set the hook and the leader breaks.... 3 min. after we get another hit and game is on clear deck and the guys are on the fish the firts guy lasted 40 min. and he asked for help our other angler jumps in and it took him another 50 min. to get this 230lbs. yellow fin tuna in the boat what a nice fish.
we keep working the area trying to hook up again but no luck we start running back to the marina around 6 p.m

Pictures will follow when i have time to download from camera,
Good luck to all.
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