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Had a great time getting re-acquainted with my wife in paradise. Awesome hospitality from our friends Lance and Rhonda (S.O.B. and Siren). I'll let some of the pictures speak for themselves. Later, Aubrey

Starfish (one of many we saw)

Octopus on this rock

Fan coral and a tasty yellowtail

Flounder just to the left of center A little different from ours

Some more pics:

Spiny lobster

Staghorn coral formation

Tenacious squid

Another squid pic

Feeding the iguanas

More iguana pics

Gorgeous scenery

Porcupine fish

One of five tagged sharks we caught sight casting to them

St. John looking towards St. Thomas

One of many breath taking views

I've got a lot more pics but these hit the highlights. I'll have to bring all my pics to the next gathering. Later, Aubrey

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wow, thanks for the pictures aubrey, brings back memories. i just LOVE those FLOUNDER. they are soooo pretty. the ones i saw were off white with purple rings. glad yall had a good trip and got to spend some special time together.


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Looks like that Flattie is fixing to ambush that Blue Damsel in front of him...LOL... Great pics Arb.....
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