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But, I live in Bayou Vista!
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I have a heated one. It is nice beacause it stays warm without changing media, and the heat really speeds up cleaning time.

I do not run the whole reel through the sonicator on every reel. Usually I just run a few parts if needed. Also, if someone is going to put an older reel up on the shelf, I will totally break the reel down and run it through. They come out looking like new.

The problem with running the whole reel through every time, is that every piece gets totally de-greased, and can allow corrosion to set in if you don't get every piece totally re-lubed.

For someone to maintain a few of their own reels, go ahead and sonicate, and then keep up with them and you should not have a problem.


p.s. Warm soapy water is all I use.
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