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Update on my friend Alan Hundley

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I am sad to say the prognosis for my friend Alan is less than totally desirable.
Alan's wife Val called me a short while ago with the report.
Alan's tumor has been diagnosed as
This is a VERY fast growing tumor, Alan will begin radiation and chemo in a week or so.
Once diagnosed, patients can live 2 years or less depending on how much they got of the tumor and how Alan responds to the treatments to come.
Val thinks Alan might come home as early as tomorrow if things continue as they are now.
They are weening Alan off the massive steroids used with this type of surgery before releasing him.
Val wished to express her heartfelt thanks to all who have offered prayers for Alan and asks that you continue to remember Alan in your prayers.
I will update you all when I have additional information.
Thanks from me to all here at TTMB for your prayers for my friend.
Attached is a pic of Alan, some of you may have seen him around Charlies or on the water.


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thanks for the update pescador. that is very sad news. i will continue to keep alan and his family in my prayers.

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