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Clint went to the Dr. yesterday and they have to go ahead with his back surgery now. If he waits anylonger he will be paralyzed on his left side.
He will be going into sugery on the 19th and the surgery will take 5hrs. He will be at St. Joseph in houston. Please keep him and his girls in your prayers.

thank you,


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Lord God,

Be with Clint Kelly as he faces back surgery. Show him your love and mercy. Give him your special peace that everything will be okay. Surround him with your presence.

Give special care for his girls while he is incapacitated due to the surgery. Keep them from fear and keep them from harm. Bless them immeasurably during this stressful time.

Be with Bad Habit and Rosie, as they have much concern for this family. Let their prayers rise to you and stir your heart.

Hear the prayers that we cannot voice, Lord. For we are weak.

In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.
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