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Thanks for the emails

Aunt Joyce said:

What's the favor. Send Eric an email and suggest to him that he go home. Here's
his email address:
[email protected]
Bet I'll get a phone call if you do!
Thanks for the encouraging emails. I couldn't leave work early until our supervisors went around telling people to leave about 5:20. Then, I did.

But Miami hasn't been in any danger from Charlie. The Miami radar image here shows we're well outside the danger area. Only a few wind gusts, and minimal wind. No rain today at all. I pray my brother and his family in Lakeland will do well.

As usual, it's headed toward the Carolinas. You'v all seen the forecast track, but if you haven't, see it at http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ftp/graphics/AT03/refresh/AL0304W+GIF/132116W.gif

Keep an eye out and don't get caught fishing in wild wind.



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