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1) Forgot how fun it was to pick up some chick-fil-a and go have lunch with the kids at school. They're not getting younger.

2) Forgot how good a plain old ham sammich and doritos make for a good lunch, with the drink out of a container not made from card board, instead of a double meat w/cheese from Wendies

3) People are at Wal-Mart and Home Depot at ALL times of the day, during the middle of the week.

4) I find myself actually listening for the school bus in the afternoon.

5) Believe it or not, you can actually function on a small glass of your favorite soft drink instead of the cups that hold 1/2 gallon.

Can't be unemployed forever (I Hope) so if you're in the same boat, try to find some good things while you're there. Thinking otherwise is not healthy for you or those around you.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting to my fellow jobless.


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I have been unemployed now for since July. Over 20 interviews that I thought I knocked it out of the park. But no reply after.

So instead of looking for a job, I started making a job. I work from my house, I am with the kids everyday. I don't have to miss any games due to shift work...

But the neatest thing I have gotten out of it is the kids watching me try to develop of business. The good, bad ugly and indifferent. They see that there is more to it than just wrapping rods. There is inventory control, accounting, marketing, sales....

These are OJT skills that the kids are picking and helping me with. My 8th grader is an EXCEL master and helps with my books my son is full of ideas, "dad try this or that". The value of this is way more than monetary.

Once I got over the depression of failing them, I realized that this is a team sport and I had to get my players off of the bench.

The other lesson for the kids is to go ahead and follow the dream. I would have never quit a good job to do this full time. This is forced opportunity.

Most folks don't follow the dream because it's hard, not as secure as the 9 to 5. I think my kids realize that success is no longer having a good job but starting a good business.

Whew! thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


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Chuck, Eisai may still be looking for an operator. If you handle workin' with that mullet who likes to think he can grapple. B&P
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