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My brother & I fished the Upper Laguna Madre to the landcut on 06/10-12. On Thursday we started in Rocky Slough and Roy immediately caught a 23" trout on a black/chart She Dog. After several other blowups without hooking up we headed to the south end of the landcut. We weeded through the dinks to box 10 trout to 24" on plum & pumpkinseed assassins until a slung prop blade cut the day short. A trip to Ronnie's Marine, a little elbow grease and $580 later we were ready for Friday.

We had wanted to wade Baffin but the winds were blowing 15+ mph at 5:00 AM so we opted to wade the King Ranch shoreline. I started throwing a bone/silver He Dog and after several mediocre blowups landed a 17" trout. Went another 1 hour plus with nothing to show until I got into a pod of good fish. These were nice mid-20's fish that were leaping completely out of the water crashing the He Dog. Unfortunately, they were just slapping at the bait and I couldn't get a hook in any of them. Decided to change to a pumpkinseed assassin and it was on. Over the next hour I finished out my limit with six going over 20", largest at 25". The attached picture shows my stringer. Roy ended up with nine keepers, not the overall size that I had but he was able to land all of his on topwater.

Saturday was catch and release with the biggest trout at 23". Nice trip.


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