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but have u heard of dinner in car--well hear it is--i was fixin dinner--angus burgers on the grill with all the fixins --gettin the kiddos fed--we had sat down with out momma cuz she obviously was runnin late--well the phone rings--she was lockin up her work and had locked the keys to her truck inside her work with the alarm activated--she had forgotten the code--she asked if i would come to her rescue with my set of keys--of course i would--i asked if i should bring her dinner to her--she said sure--so i lovingly made an angus burger with cheese and tomatoes lettuce hand sliced pickels on a butter toasted bun-with mayo -along with some hot fries--put all of it on a plate wrapped it in plastic wrap--and off i went--she said she felt like a dummy--i said no worries =-sit next to me in the car --we will watch the sun set --and ull have dinner in car-- instead of the usual breakfast in bed--i just want everyone to know --i hope u are as lucky as i am:dance:


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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