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Type out a Table in Word (tip)

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You can create tables in Microsoft Word by simply typing out a string of PLUS SIGNS (+) and MINUS SIGNS (-).

Start the row with a PLUS SIGN (+) and then type MINUS SIGN (-) until you have the column width you want. To add a new column type PLUS SIGN (+) again. When you're done type a final PLUS SIGN (+) and press ENTER. Word turns your text into a table. To add more rows to your table, move to the last cell in the table and press TAB.

Note: If this tip doesn't work for you, then you need to turn on the AutoFormat feature in Word. To do this, on the Tools menu, click AutoCorrect. Then, click the AutoFormat As You Type tab and select the Tables check box.


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UHHHH whatcha talkin about Bill?????..................................later,Dave
It is a computer tip

to help making tables in a word doc.
Thanks Bill Im a bit of a dumb arse when it come to computers, but I try to lear what I can...............................later,Dave
Thats why I put up tips to help share what I know

I was starting to wonder about you, I read three of your last posts and they had the same thing in there. "uuuhhhhh"
Thats the Homer Simpson comin out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,uuuuhhhhhhhh dooouuunuts...................later,Dave
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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