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I was in Port Aransas once and left gear in both my truck bed and in my boat. Thought I heard something in the night from inside the motel room but was too tired to get up. In the morning I looked in the boat and 75% of my gear was gone. I about fell to my knees in greif since I had all my saltwater gear. I could not bear to look in the back of my truck where the expensive tackle was so I peeked over and sure enough it was all still there.

Thank goodness thieves are stupid. All they ended up with was a stinky bait bucket a crappy tackle box(with my hooks :( ) and 3 cheap bait rods and reels. I was actually glad I was so relieved and was happy to stop at Academy and buy a couple new cheap R&R's .

But I agree hate is not to strong a word ..
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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