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I would stick with pure peanut oil.

It does make the bird taste better and you can funnel back into the container and it will last a long time without going bad.

Watch out for those ones that have a mix of peanut and veggy oil, they will go rancide where the pure peanut oil will not.


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I agree with Fish Nut. The first time I fried a turkey......well lets just say I will NEVER bake one again. The extra money is worth it for the peanut oil although Ive never heard of anyone using corn. It is reusable 2-3 times, some people will argue but what I like to tell myself is that all that oil youve saved has ALOT of flavour in it. Also, while your cooking your turkey, cut up some potatoes and throw them in, they will float when theyre done, scoop 'em up (be careful not to get burned) and eat them, whooowee roasted potatoes are good.

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I prefer peanut oil

I like peanut oil for 2 reasons,

first it has a higher "smoke temperature" or "burn point temperature" which means that the oil is much less likely to scorch, thereby burning the oil and giving a bad taste to the food

second, it gives a better taste to the food, and somehow doesn't taste as greasy as with soybean or corn oil.

one thing to think about however, is anyone that you are going to feed in any way allergic to peanuts? not a good thing!
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