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I needed a good match for my Stella 20K

So I enlisted Rod Maker "Don Savage" w/ Savage Rods

BLank: Calstar 700H

Reel Seat/ Butt: Aftco Blk Aluminum

Fuji Eyes, black with hardaloy inserts

We choose not to put a Rod ring, I will add the removable ring so if I do not like It and it gets in the way, it can be removed

EVA (10" below reel seat and 14" above)

silver underwrap and black overwrap

Tuna will refer to me as a Jedi Master once it is finished

Here is some pics


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Sure is pretty. Thanks Muddskipper. Guides go on this week. That Calstar 700H is a great blank, about the best graphite blank there is.

The copper/black rod is for sale too. Its a Calstar T665H blank, 30-80#, 6 1/2 ft if anyone would like a nice rod.

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