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Tuesday with Captain Black

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Hit Baffin with Captain Black today. What a day we had! My son and I met Aubrey at 6AM, with great weather - ligt wind and good water. Hit some rocks in the bay and promptly had a nice topwater bite. We were only keeping about 8 fish - and decided to keep gut hooked fish only. We fished a combination of plastic and topwaters and caught fish on everything.

The first few stops produced lots of fish - no real size but nice solid fish. Drifted these rocks for a while and then went to wade the tide gauge bar. Aubrey hooked up on a few fish - all 20"+ solid fish, but we decided to try elsewhere due to the jellyfish. Went to the King Ranch shoreline and caught MORE FISH!. Finally hit two last spots on the way back to the dock and got into some bigger fish - 25"+ on a couple. All released.

Aubrey will probably post pics later. All in all an absolutely wonderful day. We easily caught 80+ fish - only eight went into the box.
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