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No funny novel-like report dis time.

Took Pops fishin at my fa-vor-rite hole dis afternoon. Weren't even gonna take de jugs in de bote, as I didn't have time to go behind dam to catch bait. But as I was launchin bote, Pops noticed a bunch of shad flikin in de shallow water, and said why not.

Again, notin but 3 inchers. So, baited 4 or 5 to a hook. Before we could get a dozen baited and in the water, he said LOOKA HERE! We weighed the fish at 14.5 #'s. It really lifted his spirits after bein cooped up so long. We proceed to catch 15 more on pole and jug. He gave me a run for my money for a while, but I think we ended up tied. We had fun, and I reckon dat's what counts.

BTW, If anyone runs up on a center console boat, (cheap I might add), rated up to 140 hp if possible. I think my brother just repossesed his :( :headknock
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