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I just had a water well drilled for my house and it needs a filter system of some sort due to the hardness and the sulfates. I met with a Culligan rep yesterday and he said I need a chorinator, a DGD (?) filter, a water softener and a reverse osmosis system. Total price: $6,000. Urk...

Do I need all this stuff? The water definitely needs some help, but I'm thinking this is a durn high price. Also, is it possible to go back into the well and drill it deeper to the next water level?

I'm trying to get some background so I can argue with all these people. LOL

Oh, finally got to fish with Aubrey again a few weeks back and had a relaxing good time.


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Go to a plumbing supply shop. Most of them can supply you with everything you will need. It is pretty easy to install. I installed a water softener in about 2 hours. It is a matter of getting a water supply in and one out with a line to the salt tank. It may be more complicated for the other items mentioned, but I don't know. About 5 years ago I was quoted over 3000 by culligan for a water softener. It cost me about 450 from the plumbing supply. You could even afford to drive to Rosenberg where I got mine (Fort Bend Plumbing Supply)

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Sparkling clear

You can also call Sparkling Clear Ind.
They are a water industry company.
They carry everything too

713-956-8900 Ask for Russ.

Just tell him Paul sent ya.
We swap leads daily

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Culligan, Aqua tex, all probably around the same.. $6k sounds high but I dunno... believe mine was around $4-5K when my wife placed the order and had the guy out before I knew it.

Basically it sounds to me like you need the chlorinator (get rid of eggy smell, etc.), conditioner, and softener, with a big filter inline before it hits the softener. Chlorinator attaches at the pump and squirts in diluted clorox as it goes into the holding tank... softener and conditioner go in the line as it comes out of your holding tank.

Sears I hear sells alot of this stuff... you can do it!.. :)

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Just an Idea...pull a water sample and have it tested and see what the results are. He maybe just tying to get more money out of ya. Second opion type of thing.

At my place I have a 600ft well with a softener only and a 35 dollar in line water filter from Home Depot.
Had sears test the water and I was at 9 grains. The tech said I really dont need the softener at all ( it was all ready installed in the house) but it didnt hurt anything to have it, keeps buildup in the lines down if anything.

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chorinator out of Denton Tx $677
DGD (Dual Graidient Density) filter = $50 Simple sediment filter.... you can get cheapo at walmart...I've got a 90 ft well and have one here at Mathis Tx. I'm about an hour south of ya!
a water softener you can get deals on ebay....$100 plus 100 shipping on this one. Depending on the size of your family you'll need 32k plus on the grains.
reverse osmosis system= Just used for drinking water. Here's the company my friends and I used for our Aquarium water filter systems....We use RO/DI water, but RO water is all you need for home consumption. Just put a tap on the sink and be done. $130

I'm showing less then $2k in parts

You can drill down pretty good, the deeper typically the cleaner the water. I'm about 4 blocks from Lake Mathis so I can get "OK" water at 90 feet. However in Cleg about an hour away...they had to go to 400 feet. That water was clear and cool. What is the problem you're having with the water. If you don't have any sediment (fill a glass, let it settle and check it out) you can skip some of the filters. If it tastes fine you REALLY don't need an RO system. If it smells you can get a Chlorinator or maybe even some simple charcoal filters to do the job. It's not rocket science. You have to remember we lived off wells 100 years ago before all this filtered water got us spoiled.
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