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July 13, 2009 -How to apply for TSRA Administered College Scholarship.

The NRA Foundation has provided TSRA with funds to support five $2,000 scholarships for Texas students to attend universities, colleges and schools this fall. Please help TSRA get the information and the application form distributed to interested students prior to the due date, August 1, 2009. Please pass this information on in club newsletters, post on your shooting interest websites, and help us find students that support our right to possess, own, and use firearms responsibly. TSRA and NRA will be proud to support five of these students in their educational efforts. Click the underlined link for details.

TUBB'S MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS - The Texas State Rifle Association (http://tsra.com) is pleased to announce, we have 3, $1000. Scholarships available for the coming semester. If you can use the help please follow the directions below.

Texas A&M Tubbs Scholarships .


Doug Moreland
Texas State Rifle Association

Acting Executive Director
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