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More directions to the Nut Hut.

Thanks for being on top of things Darrell. I meant to post that last night/this morning before I left work. The map above is correct, and below are the written directions:

  1. Travel HWY 185 (Adams) to Byers Road(Also known as Coast Guard Rd. and Boat Ramp Rd.)

    Turn LEFT and Travel to the next Stop Sign (Intersection of Byers and Harrison Streets)

    Turn RIGHT onto Harrison Street and Travel to Smythe Rd.

    Turn Left onto Smythe Rd. Travel to 2nd Driveway on the Right

    Turn onto driveway and Travel to the Yellow House.
I will be arriving around noon-ish on Friday and plan on fishing/scouting up until about 6pm. We should be able to check in early, as long as the place is empty and cleaned. I think official checkin time is 4pm. Checkout is 1pm Sunday.
See y'all there! If you're on the water, keep an eye out for a 21 Flats Cat with a blue T-Top and a Suzi 4 stroke 140.
Aubrey - call me Friday - it's 1am and I know you're already snoring away.

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