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Heading down to Matagorda early tomorrow for a weekend of beach camping and Surf fishing.

Been prepping for a week !

We plan On dropping a chum bucket out near where will will drop hook. I cant wait to hook onto a shark!

I guess well see how lady luck treats me! maybee Ill ahve a cool report and some pics coem sunday night.

Wish me luck!

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going to be a good weather weekend. You should do good at night for sharks.

Watch the chum bucket, sometimes all they bring in are small bait stealers for hours. Need lot of bait or very big bait if chumming in the surf. I would recomend chumming in the first gut about dark each night. Just find an area with a deep gut.

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lotsa small sharks down there last weekend. might consider just running a couple baits out for a while without the chum bucket. otherwise i think you're gonna be covered up in pups.

me and buddy were there for a wade trip. didn't have right gear for sharks of any size. hooked up with many up to 'bout 3ft in an hour or so. lost all but a couple of pups due to having no leaders.

btw thanks to the fellow who gave us a few small leaders. they weren't rugged enough to help us get jeff his grill shark, but it was very nice of you to help out fellow fishermen.:cool:

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