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UPDATED: 5:00 pm EDT, August 2, 2006

Well at least there is good news to report this afternoon.Winds are 60 mph and Chris has weakened some and is not as well organized as it was yesterday and this morning.

There are several reasons behind this trend and it may be that Chris will not become a hurricane anytime soon. The latest info from the NHC suggests that conditions could be more hostile down the road. This is a tough storm to forecast right now with so many conflicting signals. At least we are dealing with a tropical storm and not some monster hurricane. The forecast does show Chris becoming a hurricane but later on in the period.

The track has not changed too much. Overall the global models are not picking up on the storm very well and the different models have differnt solutions for Chris as time evolves. As it stands now, Chris should pass north of the Greater Antilles and arrive in to the Gulf of Mexico in about five days. This track has huge implications for how strong Chris could be later on. Obviously if the storm/hurricane passes over the big land areas, it will weaken and be torn apart. A track entirely over water could help to keep it stronger- if other factors are positive as well. This one seems very complicated and we will just have to watch and wait. So far there have been no major surprises from Chris and we hope that will remain the case.

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