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I thought I'd share some photos of the mount we used on our 20' Explorer Attack-a-Flat. Its raised curled lip (and gently sloping foredeck) created a challenge for mounting.

Since we have deck hatches to either side and didn't want the TM head hanging over the side, we elected to mount the TM directly on the centerline which I really hadn't seen done very often.

We used a 12" ShuttleSlide to retract the unit back behind the rub rail. The standoffs were cut from 8020 1.5" x 3" Smooth T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion stock (tnutz.com). The internal holes lined up perfectly with the ShuttleSlide's 1.5" mount holes.

We had to special order 6" long stainless steel machine screws (marineboltsupply.com) due to the thickness of the mount, the standoffs, and the deck.


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