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Fished Trinity this morning until 3 pm. Put in at Roseland Park in Baytown. Go Baytown Parks and Rec for getting the ramp open.

Fished Spillway for 3 hours - 1 24 inch red, did not see anyone else catching fish.

Fished Jack's Pocket - 1 22 inch red, 1 undersize spec, got stuck.

Fished Hodges - water was very off colored and dirty, - no fish.

3 15,000 tanks floating around Smith Point and Hodges, tanks heading toward Jacks.

Lots of tree debri in water, not as bad as I thought it would be,

Floating timbers, light poles, one boat upside down at Beach City in Water.

Water varied all around Bay, dirty in some places, very green in others.

Watch for the trash, good luck.
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