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Well this time of the year fishing can be outstanding and most anglers just don't take advantage of it! I do understand that the weather plays a huge role in people not fishing this time of the year and people are out shopping or staying home because it is cold, but if you really want to have a great day fishing Dec. is a great month to go. Limits of trout have been the norm lately and the flounder have been biting. I have noticed that the flounder we have been catching seem to be bigger this year. Five pound flounder are being caught daily by most anglers. Of course weather is are main culprit this time of the year, but when we get on the water the fishing has been good. We have been fishing up north for a couple of months now, mainly Trinity Bay using soft plastics to catch most of our fish. The bigger trout are being caught over shell in shallow water. West Bay is starting to produce good trout so we will start fishing it soon. The flounder are still around the channel and around Seawolf Park. In a week or two the flounder run will be over. Even though fishing might not be a priority right now, if you want to get out one last time before next year or purchase a gift certificate for someone special for Christmas give us a call. Well until next time, see you on the water.

Capt. Alan


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