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Hello Bluewater Dawg:
I was using the 50/200 Trevala on th Big E Mem Day trip and hooked something on a jig, got it up enough to see color (think it was a big YFT) and that Da** rod turned into wet spagetti, the fish ran under the boat and cut off. The salesmen in FTU will demonstrate lifting a 10 Lb. downrigger weight and thats fine, but thats not a green 80 Lb. YFT. Call Chris at Islander Tackle in Galveston (409-621-9526). He has a new line of jiggging rods with some backbone for about the same price. FYI - Starshine, Dr. Shark and I think McGolfer have already replaced our Trevalas with rods from Islanders.
Just my .02
Thanks, John
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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