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The thread below was getting a little tired. This morning I got a great email from Galv. County.

Good Morning John,

I always appreciate suggestions to a problem. You are correct trash and
debris on the beach is a constant problem that the Road and Bridge Crews
deal with daily. Monday November 19, a road and bridge crew was
dispatched to Little Beach boat ramp to remediate the over washed sand
from the TS Ida, and rake the debris and trash that washed ashore.
There was a large amount of logs and wood on the beach. There was a
high ridge along the water with a deep tidal pool seaward of the
existing vegetation.

The Road Dept maintains the blue barrels along 25 miles of beach,
currently there are 164 barrels from Little Beach to High Island. The
county has a contract with a vendor to empty the barrels on a schedule,
dependant on the time of year. November being the off season, the
schedule is only once a week vs. the summer the schedule is three times
a week. I feel the barrel system is the best means of collecting trash
for that span of area. The barrel are more concentrated on Little Beach
due to higher uses rates.

Again the county deploys to the beach 30 yr roll off dumpsters during
the weeks of the major holidays, and this year the county maintained the
roll offs from 4th of July straight through Labor Day. In my
experience the long term placement of large roll offs invite trash and
debris from non-beach sources, i.e. contractors, house holds, business

It is a great idea, and in the past has been discussed, the need for a
law to require trash bags for every beach visitor. The City of New
Bransfuls requires all tubers w/ a cooler to have a trash bag while on
the river. As you know Texas counties do not have the power to create
ordinances like incorporated cities. The Texas legislator would need to
enact a law to be enforced by local sheriff departments. During major
holidays the county parks, nuances abatement, and volunteers from the
Chamber of Commerce pass out bags to beach visitors.

The Road and Bridge Dept also contracts with a vendor to hand pick the
liter once a month March to September plus the month of March (Spring
Break). The Nuance Abetment Officer will bring trustees to when

In other areas of the Beach, groups of individuals or HOAs have
volunteered to liter pick the beach. The arrange times and schedule
with me to have the bagged liter removed from the beach. The GLO
sponsors two beach clean/ups per year, volunteers pick and bag liter,
afterwards the Road & Bridge Department removes the bags from the beach.

The county owns and operates two beach cleaning machines, Beach Techs

All of your points are valid. But most of your ideas require spending
more money, and honestly money will solve most issues, but unfortunately
the pot of money is not bottom less. The county spends 1.2 to 1.4
million dollars a year on beach maintenance and law enforcement. The
Road Department will continue to make the most of available funds
stretch as far as possible.

Thank you,

Lee Crowder
Galveston County Road & Bridge
Manager Drainage and Beaches
[email protected]

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My problem with this is why is Galveston County Road & Bridge taking care of this when all the parking sticker money goes to the county parks board.

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Hey Lee, I want to know where the City of New Bransfuls is? What is up Gator? rs
Call him Rusty and ask him. He is really a pretty nice guy. I have met him several times. He has done a lot for Bolivar.

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Jonboat, can you post your initial message to them?

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