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Transom Repair

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I have a 1998 2380 Baystealth that is in need of transom repair. I have a fairly large crack that goes the entire lenght of the transom just in front of the motor. Any advise on getting it repaired would be apperciated?
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The inside top edge?
I suggest doing a search on fiberglass repair there's a lot of info in the 2cool archives.
Yes the crack is in the inside edge down in the transom well, i hope it's only a minor fiberglass repair.
Look in the employment section..Awesome glassman
Adrian does some great work & is really reasonable on your wallet..
Ive had 2 transoms redone by him & never once had a problem..
& I put his work thru a test drive from hell..

Lifetime Warranty

Doesnt Baystealth have a lifetime warranty on the transom?
Doesn't sound like a serious problem. That radius is a localized stress area. If it is only hairline then its probably only a gel coat issue. If you can feel it with your finger then it goes deeper and should be fixed.

I can help you if you need some tech help or materials. Have all you need here at work.
Baystealth has a great warranty if your the original owner. Hull warranty does not transfer to new owner like in my case. I am going to have some work done as well and inquired at VIP.
Gulf Coast Composites in Kemah (?). Probably the most expensive, but you have the comfort of knowing it was done right.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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