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I have found few informative posts re this.

I was at a farm equipment auction today in Mexia. It is run by a nice guy, seems a really straight shooter.

In his "Before the Auction" speech he addressed registering trailers.

1. He related a story on how a buddy of his was caught by the law towing a trailer where the registration papers showed it had a VIN. But, because of tongue damage, it was no longer on trailer.

2. The law confiscated his trailer ON THE SPOT.

3. Auctioneer said he believed the trailer to be forever lost. No way to reclaim.

4. Probabaly HALF of trailers this auctioneer sales are BILL OF SALE trailers..no title. He seems upset.

5. In rural areas we use FARM TRAILER liscenses. They only cost $5.40 a year, and no title requried...As long as you claim HOME BUILT. (Not for boat trailers)

6. Auctioneer stated that county of Limestone would NO LONGER issue tags for new owners of homebuilts without a form signed by original owner (Was it 881U?)

7. Told the boys to be carefull taking homebuilts into the city if they obviously are NOT homebuilts. The law will take them away from you!

8. Of course, I have title problems with my sailboat trailer...No problem...I called it a HOMEBUILT, and got a tag no problem. Now I am worried.

Has anybody had (Or heard of) traler confisications by the lawmen?
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